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Vehicle DiagnosticsAnytime there is something going on with your vehicle, you want a mechanic who will deliver not only the answer but also the solution. And that is where Service Masters Total Car Care comes in. When it comes to vehicle diagnostics in Clearwater, FL, our team of experts is the absolute best. Whether your check engine light is on or you have noticed signs of trouble, we are the auto repair shop you want in your corner.

Check Engine Light Clearwater FL

You may think the check engine light is a little annoying, but it is actually a major innovation. Modern-day vehicles come equipped with an advanced onboard computer system. This system connects, controls, and monitors all the major systems in your vehicle. When it finds something wrong it logs it and sends a message for your check engine light to turn on.

The issue could be something as simple as you didn’t tighten your gas cap enough at your last fill-up. But it could also be something serious like engine failure. If your check engine light is on in Clearwater, FL, we recommend that you come by Service Masters Total Car Care at your earliest convenience for a diagnostic scan and inspection.

Vehicle Diagnostics Clearwater FL

As advanced as current automotive and auto repair technology are, it still takes an expert to give you the answers you need. The results of a check engine light test may tell you where the issue is located, but they can’t tell you exactly what the problem is. You need a team like Service Masters Total Car Care for that.

When you come in for vehicle diagnostics, we take the results of your computer diagnostics scan and use them as a road map. From there we are able to perform a thorough inspection and find the source of the problem.

Vehicle Diagnostics Near Me

At Service Masters Total Car Care, auto repair isn’t just a job, it is our passion. Our entire team is dedicated to providing the absolute best service and repair work to every person who comes through our doors. And we are so confident in the quality of the work we provide that we back it up with a 3 year / 36,000 mile warranty so you can drive away knowing that you are covered.

If your check engine light is on in Clearwater, FL, come on by or contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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